Canoochee Bogs Project

Donate Today to Protect Biodiversity in Georgia

The slideshow above includes photos of rare, threatened, and endangered species found at the Canoochee Bogs. Scroll over each photo for more information.

Three pitcher plant species, seven orchid species, two Georgia endemic plants, Georgia's state reptile, and Neotropical migratory birds thrive at the Canoochee Bogs in Southeast Georgia. One of the highest quality remaining seepage bogs in Georgia, the protection of this land is imperative to protecting biodiversity.

 With your help, the Oconee River Land Trust will purchase a conservation easement on 50 acres of prime bog habitat. This easement will permanently remove development rights while ensuring access for restoration activities, such as prescribed fire, pitcher plant propagation, and scientific study. With your help, this fragile environment will continue to thrive.

Partners in this project include the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Botanical Society, and the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance. For further reading on the bogs, click here

Your donation will contribute to the permanent protection of rare, threatened, and endangered species.

Organizational Donors

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: $27,000
The Turner Foundation: $10,000
Georgia Botanical Society: $7,200
Georgia Native Plant Society: $1,000
Sarracenia Forum: $730
SC Native Plant Society, Upstate Chapter: $250

 Individual Donors

Robert Sacilotto, Botanique Nursery: $2,000
Martha and Hew Joiner
David Rose: $500
Robert Sargent: $500
Anonymous (2): $500
Rebecca Byrd: $380
Dale Hoyt: $300
Leslie Edwards: $250
Pierre Howard: $250
Anonymous (2): $250
Anonymous (1): $200
Al and Kathy Parker: $200
Alexander Levy and Jason Kirkland: $200
John Brubaker: $200
Alan Cressler: $100
Alison McGee and Rob Sutter: $100
Anonymous (4): $100
In Honor of Harry and Vanita Morgan: $100
Lane Conville-Canney and Shawn Canney: $100
Lynn Pollard: $100
Mac and Hannah Stone: $100
Mark and Becky Lacy: $100
Min Kim: $100
Ron Smith: $100
Anonymous (10): $50
Crystal Cockman: $75
Bill Everitt and Amelia Fusaro: $50
Bobby and Susan Todd: $50
Dennis Clines: $50
Emily Carr: $50
Esther Stokes: $50
Frank Holleman: $50
Jake and Melanie Pollard: $50
Karen Lindauer: $50
Kelly Bray: $50
Dr. Richard Porcher: $50
Scott Goldstrohm and Andrea Greco: $50
Cindy Fielder: $50
Liz Burlingame: $40
Anonymous: $35
Nathan Ertel: $30
Brett Albanese: $25
Carly Robinson: $25
Claxton Snarph: $25
Anonymous (2): $25
Anonymous: $20

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Photo Credits: James R. Allison, Dan Hope, Pierre Howard, Hew Joiner, Martha Joiner, Lisa Kruse, Hugh Nourse, Jay Pakchar, Kathy Parker, Jim Porter, Amy Schuler, and Brad Wilson.